Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey dolls ! I'm new at this so i thought it would be cool too let you guys know a little bit about me. well my name is Jennifer close friends call me Jenny or Jen.I'm 17 years young. i love too shop ! I'm a shopaholic , i love fashion and want too be a fashion designer. i love too spend time with my family and friends and just have a good time with whatever I'm doing. I'm a very friendly person and love meeting new people.I'm very outgoing and love too try new things. I'm currently a junior in high school and cant wait too finish so i can start college and get started with my fashion career.I'm planning on going too F.I.T in the city but i still have my opinions open therefore I'm still looking.  well that's it for now. you guys will definitely get too know me better with my future posts and I'll be sharing alot on here such as my designs, outfits , videos my life etc. Goodnight <3

Meet My Family

 Hey Guys here are some pictures of my family they all mean the world too me and i absolutely love them <3

My Little munchin (baby brother Jay)
My loving sister <3

My daddy <3 i Love him so much!
My Beautiful Grandmother <3
My cousin Fernando <3
         My little brother johnny & my beautiful mother<3 
So now you've met my lovely family. their the best ! and i love them all very much!